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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jeez, I suck

Sorry guys. Life has been a bit hectic.
Went to Hershey the other day here in PA with my parents. My dad had a needle Biopsy done to see if he had cancer, results should be back soon hopefully.

Got myself into school and everything, I have to talk to an adviser the 22nd to schedule classes and whatnot.

And other than that I've just been spending all of my free time relaxing and playing Tales Of Symphonia. Pretty awesome game, brings back memories. I'll hopefully be able to post a video and some new music here before long.

Thanks for being Patient guys haha,


  1. Fingers crossed for your Dad. Fellow PA'er here. Also, I know how you feel, my Dad had cancer. It sucks to not be able to do anything but wait.

    Just continue to keep yourself going. Good that you kept yourself in check to get in to school.

    Looking forward to more tunes.

  2. dang, hope the results for your father come back with favorable results

  3. That have inflamed desire in my breast. Following!