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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life update

So, not alot happening here lately.

Today though, my girlfriends family all went to a rehearsal for her sisters wedding. Everyone went except for me, Livia's grandma, and step dad Erick. Now, keep in mind, her grandmother hates me with a passion, for some unknown reason, and Erick is just terribly awkward to be around. Seriously though, her grandmother has threated to other people, that she is going to stab me, and constantly bitches when I am around. And Erick, just isnt a big talker, he just kind of there, and Its always awkward

So for some reason, while I was home with them, Erick invited me to go get pizza with him. Strange, considering I've never spoken more than a few words to him at a time, in the entire 2 years that I have been dating Livia. It started pretty damn awkward, but ended up going alright. I just hate being in awkward situations. Not a good place for me, I never know what to say.

Anyway, we ate, talked, laughed (surprisingly), and it didnt go half bad.

Also, Livia got her student loan check, so we have been looking into cars under 1,300 dollars. If anyone has any shopping advice let me know, it would be much appreciated.

Well, thats my gay ass story for today, didnt have much else to blog about, sorry guys. But I am working on a new blog that should interest you guys, so keep checking in guys.

Thanks for the support. =D


  1. awesome post, bro! waiting for MOAR

  2. Ugh. Weddings. Wedding REHEARSALS.

    For that budget, I would look around locally for a used car. Check to see what (if any) your state's "lemon laws" are.

  3. Hmm this sounds familiar, I do believe your girlfriend has a blog.

  4. Just be really nice to the grandmother

    forgiving your enemies is what annoys them the most!

  5. I dunno what to tell ya, bro. 1300 bucks for a car? Could you do a down payment of 1300 and get one a little bit extra?

  6. Pics of girlfriend required. Lol.

    I like some of your music though. Just a little.

  7. I know what your talking about! =)
    I dont like awkward situations too.
    I always get nervous and cant begin a conversation

  8. Great read! Looking forward to reading your next post.

  9. You should spent more than $1,300 on a car. Or else it's going to be utter shit.