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Monday, October 4, 2010

Punk Poll

I've just really been lazy and slackin with these posts, so it's about time I post one.
So, I've been playing alot of Castle Crashers lately with Livia, trying to unlock all of the characters and get the achievements. Castle Crashers has quite a sense of humor about the game, if you've ever played it you know what I mean. Also, the hack and slash simplicity makes it great for up to 4 people, and the soundtrack to the game is just awesome, its worth downloading that even if you dont have the game lol. But I digress.

What I want to talk about  is the poll that I put on my blog, that all of you guys voted on (or some of you).
I must say, Im pleased with the results. Punk music won. Personally, punk is my favorite genre as well, (and I didnt rig the votes) possibly because of my ADHD, or the whole "Punk Rebelion" thing, since I never really wanted to do anything that was organized or listen to higher authority. I've calmed down in my "old age" (lol) but punk music just reminds me of back when I was a young teen, in a band, just doing whatever the hell I wanted to do all the time. The music just always makes me feel good.

Anyway, What do you guys like about punk music? Or if you dont, tell me why, and what genre you prefer.


  1. I use to listen to punk a lot for similar reasons as you, being a bit of social misfit myself. In my "old" age I've leaned towards calming dark ambient, melodic death metal and industrial metal. Currently listening to Turmion Katilot!

  2. Punk is fun music, I like it a lot.

  3. I didn't vote punk! Maybe because I think it all sounds the same? I know that is really glib, so maybe I will say I never bothered to check out the nuances of the genre.
    I suppose I have been leaning more towards ambient/soundscapes and (don't laugh) Celtic music (traditional).

  4. Punk is fun because its more of a satire of music. Modern music sucks. Period. The goal of punk rock is generally making shitty music, the shittier a band sounds the better they are. Kind of ironic. Punk rock is pretty artistic in that aspect but does a good job at hiding it from the mainstream.

    Basically, if people call our music bad, we can take it as a compliment because we're winning.

  5. Never really got into punk, just not my scene. Was before my time, and now has been adopted by kids who really understand the message.

  6. i like punk.. but i like all of rock in general.

  7. great post, and punk! but I prefer noxf,rancid, and some ska punk bands :p