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Friday, October 15, 2010

Rom Rom Rom

So for the past few days I have been spending all of my time playing roms. N64, game boy advance, Super nintendo, and NES. I love old school video games so much. <3 lol
I miss back in the day when games actually took skill. Back when being a gamer actually meant you were good haha. Snowboard Kids 2, The legend of Zelda, Banjo kazooie, and Pokemon red and blue. All amazing games, that I fear no young kids now adays will ever get the pleasure of playing.

What are you guy's  favorite old school games? And what was your favorite gaming console of all time?

Also, on a Musical note, Listen to this song, Mayday Parade is amazing.


  1. mario, kirby, bomberman, need for speed. zelda...

  2. the sonic on the dreamcast...ah I miss that game

  3. it always strikes me like a fucking brick when i see all the little kids running around with their pokemon heart gold or whatever...

    and they don't know what a gameboy color is.

  4. favorite all time game was crpg by the name of betrayal at krondor...if u ever mess around with dosbox grab it...its freeware now

  5. I wish my SNES games worked on my PSP. Some of them just freeze.